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partly friends-only

I am not a Japanese native speaker and also not a native speaker of English, thus a little warning for all the readers : there might be parts that I misinterpreted. Feel free to make correction if you find any ^__^

Please don't request for translation. I only translate whatever I find interesting and if I make time for it.

All the contents of translated materials belong to each original owner. If you happen to own the contents and would like me to drop the translation from my page, please write so in the comment.

what's up

I haven't been posting in LJ for a while, but I don't have anything I can share to the fandom.

I've been translating SWITCH Nino X Ochiai intervew from NHK, but I'm working on a very, very slow pace. I'm not used to translating by listening, even though my listening is way better than my reading. But since most of my time off work (that's like 8-10 hours only on weekdays) is spent to catching up on regular TV shows and dramas or reading fanfictions or manga, or having family quality time in addition to sleep and houseworks, it's really not working, with the translation, I mean. Yeap, I'm getting lazy despite the want. I'm pretty much obsessed with that interview, though. Ive been a fan of Ochiai-sensei ever since he appeared in Arashi ni Shiyagare 4 years ago. Go listen to his lecture in Google and in Tsukuba University. It's really, really inspiring. I spent my days writing thesis and revising journal papers while listening to him talking. He's an amazing person, so seeing Nino having interest in meeting Ochiai really made me happy. I can really relate to that. Oh, by the way, even if I finish that internview one day, I don't think I will make it a sub, but I will definitely share here (or if anyone wants to help, feel free to contact me).

Two of my favorite people in a long interview!!

And then, it's already 5x20+ season. I'm planning to go to Tokyo around Christmas and see what I can catch there.

- insert a lot of prayers here -

I know I will try to go over Cake Priere again. I hope the ojiisan still opens the shop when I'm there. I'll be sad because I've been craving for his Royal Tea Cake and believe me, we have none of those in Indonesia. It's just a neighborhood cake shop, so it's really nothing fancy, but what they make is super awesome. And to think that I'm planning to stay not far from that place. ^___________^

On the side note, I love how Japanese movies become easier to watch here in Indonesia (and Singapre and Bangkok is not that difficult to reach). Laplace no Majo is currently on screen on CGV (I'm planning to see it this weekend). And just last month I went up to Singapore just to watch Nino/Kimutaku movie - and an additional fangirling because there was a Strandbeest exhibition there too (it's one of the cutest engineering artwork created by Theo Jansen).

XD I guess my post comes down to once or twice a year now. But I'm still lurking around.


End of year

On Real Life

I think I have been inactive in the fandom for a very long time. School is finished and now that I am working full time in a consultant company, I don't have as much as free time as when I was a grad student. And my precious weekends are mostly for quality time with my friends and family and even now I feel overwhelmed sometimes when I realize that it's a special Arashi week on TV or some other groups are having promotions here and there and there are many TV shows I want to watch. Watching the latest 3 hour Arashi ni Shiyagare was already a challenge. Lol.

If anyone has been waiting for me to finish some translation that I started way before, then I have to say I am sorry, because with the current job, I cannot translate long articles anymore. Songs, maybe, but since most of the fandoms I join have faster translators, I will probably only post translation of Amazarashi songs, which is more or less the only craze that has small fandom. AKIHIDE's blogs are ... too beautiful to translate because by translating, I cannot give the same atmosphere as Aki's writing in his blog (yes, it is very poetic and at times uses these words that has no need to learn even for aiming for JLPT N1).

And yes.... I am lurking in LJ on occasions through the app I installed on my phone, but it does not give the same ability to being online in LJ using my computer.

Have a good day!!


Thank you 2015, welcome 2016---!!

Just dropping by to wish you all a happy 2016.

I'm currently busy with real life as a student, and catching up all the Arashi year-end fever.

2015 has been wonderful. True, there are bad parts, but I believe it is part of my learning process.
Fandom has been kind to me. Very kind that it made me scared.
If I listed the bands that I saw in 2015, I'll be crying again from happiness.
Some of them I have been dying to see since mid-1990s.
Ticked my bucket list of watching these bands/group lives:
Angra, Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, and also for Arashi,
though the last group is a fresh fandom in comparison to the other three.

Thank you to F-list, who despite moved out of LJ, are still good friends.
Thank you to real-life friends, who are always around.
Thank you to fandom friends who are supporting me in all the antics and adventures.
You know who you are and what we have done!! Lol.

And thank you for everyone who has taken a peek here ^___^

I'm currently translating an old edition of 一途 but I cannot promise when I can finish it.
Real life is chasing me to graduate soon.


[translation attempt] MORE It #84 hitori

I have been busy with real live lately, but I was thinking of refreshing by translating another It. A friend requested for this one and helped me with the scan (because I don't even make time to go to the library to read the magazine and the combini around me only have the edition with bag).

This comes out faster than I thought before, but there still might be misinterpretation. Feel free to reuse the translation, but if you translate it to another language, please tell me ^^. Enjoy!!

It #84 hitori*

Born in Tokyo, raised in entertainment world.
Although he is always surrounded by a lot of people,
most of the time his stance is always being solitary.
He wholeheartedly taking a one-way conviction.

In a raining autumn night. Right before us, Tokyo Tower stands tall. That shape somehow looks lonely, yet sensual. [Tokyo Tower, I have never come here in private.]

He laughs as he has no feeling nor thoughts on the tower, even though it also stands as Tokyo's symbol.

[I was born and raised in Tokyo, and I only know this place. I never deliberately think about Tokyo.]

Tokyo is a kind city to live alone. Everything is compact and it's efficient, even though in the crowd, there are many of people who are alone. However, if you cannot stand the isolation that you feel because are left alone in Tokyo, there are many people who go home to their hometowns.

[Whether you fit or not for Tokyo, I think it depends on how long you live here and your mentality. If you continue to live with resolution, I believe anywhere can be your locality.]

For him it is similar with the entertainment world, that even in impregnetable places "home is where you make it".

[It's only if you have the chance to enter entertainment world, so to say. But don't you think that whatever world it is, the longer you stay, the easier it is to stay there? If you have got here with all the trouble, people who doesn't feel fitting to live this world and keeps on complaining, should just hurry and quit. Worrying whether you are cut to do something or not is being lazy, not being modest. It is rude to those who does not have to chance to enter this world. Because the extend of being here, is only that moment, doing what you can do....]

Whether you can survive Tokyo's entertainment world depends on yourself. It is important to have the ability to endure isolation. Nino is better than others in this point.

Rather than being good to overcome loneliness, I am more being conscious of being "always alone". I like being alone, and it is comfortable. That's why, I never have the feeling of "because having a small number of friends, I'm lonely, and it is embarassing" (laughs). Ever since I was a child, everytime I have problem, I never go to anyone to consult my worries. Off course, I receive important advises from my seniors on location, but asking for consultation from myself ... things like that never happens. Trying to come to conclusion by watching your surroundings by yourself, making decisions yourself, just keep on repeating these things.]

Rather than being isolated, he is more of an emotinally reserved person. Nevertheless, as he grows older, the number of people relying on him increase. His junior, the members of  Hey! Say JUMP! have gone over to his house, but does he give advice?

[Basically, we are only talking while playing games (laugh). I give advice more or less, but for me, I think because everybody has his own way of thinking and act, I cannot be a reference. For example, I can teach about basic act that happens in TV shows. But how to think on things or how to live your life, those are not things that you can teach, right? Because there is no perfect formula for those, you can only move forward with your own ideas. That's why, I guess I don't have the best to give advise.]

There are, however, people who still want to talk of their worries even though you don't give clear answers. For example, insecurities that you can't overcome alone, or secret talks about love.

[There are many people like that, right? But does pouring your heart out on insecurities or secrets really solve the problem? Maybe they just want to make their heart lighter, but I guess I never really thought of the opponent's change of mood. For example, if I listen to a very serious story of his life, what can I do for him? Although if it's just to open up their feelings, you can say "you don't have to do anything", but if I hear something, I will feel a sense of responsibility. It depends on my relation with the opponent, but it might be an ego of the speaker. And then, these few years, I never go out for drink that is not related to work as well, because I don't feel the need to chat. I'm originally the type who is fine not meeting anyone. It is fun to gather along, but after all, we don't talk about anything significant (laughs). If that's the case, then it's better to have my own time.]

He is perceived as mysterious because he does not break secrets.

When it comes to Nino, most of people who has worked with him says that he is "someone you cannot get to the bottom" or "mysterious"; he says himself, "maybe it's because I never talk about myself thoroughly."

[When I'm shooting, I naturally talk to others, but actually I don't talk at all about myself (laughs). However, when it comes to work, I will say things that needs to be discussed. For example, like during shooting or meetings, if I was told, "just do OO tentatively", I will say, "please explain clearly, don't say 'tentatively'". If we finish with "tentatively", then I don't get why we have to work together. Each staff and actors has their own thoughts, there is no way we can get to 100% conformity. However, it is important to reconcile the plans together, I believe that's the meaning of working together face to face. I think I'd like to have thorough discussion on those things. Because I want to respect that both me and my opponent as "one person", I want to positively compete thoroughly in that part (laughs).]

* A little explanation of the title, why I kept on using "hitori" than translating it....

The title is written in hiragana 「ひとり」 which can be interpreted into different ways.
一人 : one person, alone (as in being alone, just one person), which is more the physical condition of being alone.
独り : being alone as in being solitary, single or unmarried, which I sense as more mentality of being alone.
ひとり when written in hiragana can have both meanings at the same time and can also mean either of the two (as my professor explained the difference between 街づくり、町づくり、and まちづくり, but that's a different thing).

^___________^  feel free to discuss about Nino here. I'll be happy to read or comment back.
If you found mistakes in translating, or typos, or if I miss a part, or weird grammar, please tell me.
And thank you for reading my translation. I hope you enjoyed it.
I have been thinking of translating this song for a very long time. But the Japanese is actually too hard for me to understand. I actually think I have misunderstanding on the lyrics, even if I listen to it almost on daily basis. Because of what has happened these last few days, I decided to finally took up the courage to tranlate the lyrics of this song. It is far from perfect.

Seizensetsu the song from Amazarashi that I like the most. I sing this in karaoke, sometimes trying not to cry myself. The lyrics felt so close to me in a way, that it actually makes me think about a lot of things in life. Sometimes it actually makes me ask if my perspective of the world is "right". Seizensetsu does not really have translation in English, that's why I leave it as it is in the title. It is the believe that everybody is fundamentally good, which is part of the Confucianism teachings (reference in Wikipedia Japan).

Believe that human is fundamentally goodCollapse )
I have to admit that I am still in my Amazarashi boom, and I'm not sure when this will end and I will move on to my other translation project(s). I think I still owe some translations to some people. ^^;;;

Here is another Amazarashi number. I decided to translate it because while hearing the song (lately music is just a background for working, and not really for listening), I caught the sentence 「7年後に太平はビルから飛び降りた そんな勇気なら無いほうが良かった」 and somehow it made me listen more to the song. I fell in love again with Akita Hiromu-san's work. I guess, that one moment when I saw his album in Tower Records really changed my life and my fandom.

I have no idea if there is official English translation of this song, because everytime I try checking on the homepage, it always open Anomie lyrics instead. ^^;;; Seems like there is something wrong with the page's setting. Or maybe it's my computer. Lol.

Enjoy this, while waiting for summer ^_____^

夏を待っていました || Waiting for SummerCollapse )

[translation] Amazarashi - Mudai

Amazarashi just put this new heartrendring new PV in his youtube account to promote his upcoming release of acoustic album. I was talking with another friend who likes this group too, and she pushed me to translating this for real.

I haven't seen any official translation yet, so no place to compare for now. But seeing that it's Amazarashi, there might be official translation soon.

Enjoy ^__________^

Read the translationCollapse )
I was watching this PV when I remember seeing such model. It reminds me of the 1:1,000 model of the whole Tokyo that I saw before. It was awesome....!! Perhaps because of my background as an architect, I got attracted with this PV. The Amazarashi logo shown in the architectural model made me smile ^___^

And of course, Amazarashi has that bittersweet lyrics to go along with the song. The lyrics somehow made me lightened as I thought, well, my problems are first-world problem, priviledged problems, I will still laugh no matter what happens tomorrow. I have a good life. So as my form of gratitude to Amazarashi for this beautiful song, I decided to interpret it to English.

Again, Amazarashi has an official translation of this lyrics here. Please refer to that one for a more accurate version of translation.


the interpretation is below cut ^___^Collapse )

MORE It #74 The Art of Living

I promised myself to finish this translation before #75 was released but I failed to keep it because I got overwhelmed by field work preparation. I hope I can keep up with #75 because I already copied it from the library. I don't have scans because I basically take pictures of MORE that my campus provides in the library.

I am not native English nor Japanese speaker,  so I might have misunderstood or misinterpret the text. If you have corrections or want to discuss the translation, please feel free to do so. I personally think that this article is basically quite difficult to translate, especially on the way Nino puts himself. Japanese has subtle emotion and stance in its grammar that I cannot really translate into English. I hope I did not mess up the content while trying to do so. I think Japanese is easier to be translated into Indonesian, but perhaps it's also because it's my native tongue. I'm too lazy to translate it to Indonesian, though.



It #74 The Art of Living

Nino who just went through Arashi's 15 year anniversary was there with bright expression. With wholehearted feeling engraved steadily, he proceeds towards the future.

Nino's solo song Merry Christmas which was included in the new release THE DIGITALIAN, despite nestling close to the album theme "human x digital", it also stands out from the rest. Within the sound and words of stories that he spun together, there are coexisting warmth and surprises. He always says, "I hate events like Christmas", and I wonder why he chose such theme.

Read more...Collapse )